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In the Classroom

In the education of boys, certain facts have been proved:  Boys need and like structure and order.  They need to 'belong' and they like to be directed and guided.  Boys flourish when they are confident in their environment and comfortable with their peers.

Medbury's Learning Styles

At Medbury, we are focused on the learning styles of boys within small class settings, enabling teachers to cater for the boys' individual needs. Grouping systems in the classrooms ensure that boys are able to be extended where necessary with our effective Gifted and Talented programme. Learning support teachers are available for children who need assistance in particular core areas.

Key elements of our programmes include:

• Providing competition
• Allowing boys to be risk takers
• Utilising information technology as an effective teaching tool
• Providing structure and boundaries
• Developing strong relationship between the teacher and the boy
• Embracing holistic approach to education

As boys move through the Middle School, (Years 4 to 6) and into the Senior School, (Years 7 to 8) they continue with a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. Comprehensive specialist teaching occurs across the curriculum, allowing the boys to develop academically and socially, to gain confidence and take responsibility in preparation for their move on to Secondary School.

Medbury continues to have a strong academic reputation, and boys compete each year in a wide variety of academic competitions. Medbury boys often feature in secondary school scholarship awards.

The focus in ICT is learning to think and the integrated use of ICT within curriculum outcomes is seen as an important. Medbury has an expanding range of iPads, interactive smartboard technology is being used throughout the school, and each boy in Years 5 to 8 has his own laptop. Our challenge is to provide an education which cherishes tradition, but prepares the boys for the 21st Century.

The Curriculum at Medbury

Every boy at Medbury studies the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Physical Education, Music, Drama and Art.

As boys move into Years 4, 5 and 6, they continue with the strong emphasis of Literacy and Numeracy. The core subjects are then supplemented by specialist teaching in Drama, Health, P.E. and Social Sciences.

Years 7 and 8 provide a stimulating and academic curriculum for the senior boys. The teaching of Literacy and Numeracy is paramount. Specialist teaching for the senior boys includes the boys going off-site for Technology lessons. In the Senior School the core subjects are supplemented by Bio Technology, Drama, Electronics, Food Technology, French, Hard and Soft Materials, Health, Library and Social Sciences.

A specialist teaching system is operated throughout the school, which means that a boy may be taught by a number of different teachers each week. This system enables the boys to work with teachers expert in their fields .

Medbury School follows the curriculum guidelines of the New Zealand Government Ministry of Education and adds a broad range of other skills, placing a strong importance of the need for boys to be creative, innovative and enterprising learners, preparing them for the 21st Century.

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