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The Medbury Boy is numerate, literate and articulate.

Mathematics is a major influence in all aspects of boys’ daily lives.  Boys develop numeracy skills and understanding in Mathematics through developing knowledge and strategies that enable them to explore Mathematical ideas, to solve problems and to think creatively.  All new learning builds upon prior learning at each stage and developing confidence in Mathematics is emphasised from the early years through the Middle to the Senior School.

At Medbury we aim to:

  • To ensure that an effective personalised Mathematics education is delivered at all levels according to the New Zealand Curriculum Framework.
  • To ensure that boys are given opportunities to explore, think critically about and process Mathematical information.
  • To enable boys to use and communicate their Mathematical knowledge and strategies in a range of meaningful everyday contexts, so that Mathematics is seen as relevant to their lives.
  • To foster and develop the mathematical talent of boys with special abilities.
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