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Why Board at Medbury?

Boarding at Medbury is a 'Home Away From Home'

The Boarding House provides a comfortable, stable, secure and caring environment, where boys can live in a happy, inclusive community.  A welcoming home for up to 43 boys aged 7 to 13 years, boarding at Medbury offers boys unique life opportunities, enabling them to develop independence and good friends, discover inner strengths and enjoy the full benefits of Medbury's culture.

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Casual Boarding

For those who are not quite ready to Board full-time or want the flexibility of boarding short-term, then Casual Boarding could be just what you are looking for. At Medbury many of the dayboys have spent time in the boarding house on a casual basis, whether that be a couple of nights, a whole week or even a month. The reasons why dayboys use casual boarding are numerous, but all come away with a sense of pride and huge enjoyment of their time spent with the Medbury boarding family.

Benefits of Boarding at Medbury

Boarding at Medbury school will strengthen family bonds, building mutual trust and confidence. Boarding further develops the skills of being organised, accepting routines, completing tasks, realising the need for self-discipline, thinking beyond oneself, and involvement as a member of the wider "Medbury Family'.

A Boarding House with a Family Atmosphere

Boarding has been an integral part of Medbury, and has been since the school was established in 1923. Medbury has a warm, friendly environment, where boarding staff know the boys well and work very hard to support all aspects of every boarder's life.

A Stimulating Environment in the Boarding House

The boarding house accommodates up to 43 boys in two dormitories, plus a smaller 4-bed dormitory for younger boys. There is a common room and a quiet room where boys can enjoy their own space. The boys have use of the school swimming pool, library, astro turf, climbing wall and sports fields. The boys also have access to digital Sky, an X-box, DVD player and many computers.

Our boarding house activities are designed to keep the boys busy and they include:

Boarders' weekends
Regular outings
Saturday sport
Extra curricular activities

Qualified and Experienced Staff in the Boarding House

Medbury's boarding staff are experienced and committed to each boy and the school's philosophy.

The Director of Boarding, Micah Hocquard, and the Matron Rosemary Black make up the core Boarding House team. Our Gap Year Tutors play a valuable part in the boarding house and the Medbury teachers, on rotation, ensure that every boy receives the attention and support he needs to flourish. Teachers supervise and assist the boarders with their prep (homework) within a regular scheduled time. Parents appreciate the benefits of this structured and organised study.

International Students Boarding at Medbury

Medbury welcomes international students from throughout the world, who bring a special dimension to the Medbury community, giving boys an opportunity to experience and understand different cultures.

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