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Extra curricular options 2019

The Co-Curricular clubs and activities that are on offer at Medbury School are many and varied, ranging from Chess Club to Robotics Club, through to Spanish lessons.  The boys participate in a wide variety of activities throughout their time at the School, with many clubs, sports and music groups operating during lunch times, as well as before and after school.

Visits from travelling theatre groups, field trips, sports exchanges with other independent schools and local excursions all assist in developing the boys' interests and enthusiasms, as well as further broadening the range of experiences that begin to shape their young lives.

Extra Curricular Registration Forms 2019


Chess Club (Years 4 to 8) click here  
Drama Troupe (Years 3 to 8)  click here
Models Club (Years 5 to 8) click here
RoboProgers Club (Years 4 to 8) click here 
Spanish Lessons (Years 1 to 8) click here
Speech and Drama (Years 4 to 8) click here

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