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This sport is only available for boys who are in Years 2 to 8.

Coaching Programme:
Each Group Programme is designed to provide emphasis on correct technique, shot drilling, match strategy and basic tennis fundamentals. Age and skill levels in each year are individually accommodated by implementing adjustments to training techniques, equipment and coaches.

Venue, Time and Coaching:
Tennis coaching is held at school in association with the Hunt Tennis Academy.  Coaching is held before school from 7.25am to 8.25am. 

Tuesdays    Years 4, 5 & 6   Starts 13 February - 27 March    
Thursdays   Years 2 & 3       Starts 8 February - 22 March
Fridays        Years 7 & 8       Starts 9 February - 23 March 

$115 will be charged to your son’s account at the end of Term 1, for a seven week coaching programme.
Please note - if your son has two or more lessons per term then you will be charged the full term's fee, with exceptions at the discretion of the Director of Sport.

Coaching will be held in The Medbury Centre Gym if it is raining. Please email the Hunt Tennis Academy if your son is unable to attend his coaching session

Registration has now closed - Please click here to email the Sports Director if you would like your son to play tennis.

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