Boarding at Medbury is a 'home away from home'.

Our boarding house is a comfortable, stable and caring environment where boys live in a happy, inclusive community. A welcoming home for up to 38 boys aged 7 to 13 years, boarding at Medbury offers boys unique life opportunities, enabling them to develop independence and discover inner strengths, and forge lifelong friendships as they are immersed in the full benefits of Medbury's culture.

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Casual Boarding

Casual boarding is available for those who are not quite ready to board full-time or want the flexibility of boarding short term. Many of our dayboys have spent time in the boarding house on a casual basis, whether that be a couple of nights, a week or even a month. The reasons why dayboys use casual boarding are numerous, but all come away with a sense of pride and huge enjoyment of their time spent with the Medbury boarding family.

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Boarding Fees 2023

Fees to stay in our boarding house are paid in addition to domestic or international tuition fees.

Boarding Fees - $17,361 (GST inclusive)

Please note that international tuition and boarding fees for the year must be paid in full before an offer of place is issued.

Casual Boarding per night - $126 (GST inclusive) per night

Medbury day students are invited to spend time at the school boarding house on a casual basis.