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Please attach a photocopy of your son’s birth certificate or send by post to the school office.

We would like our son to have a place at Medbury in

Parent/Guardian 1

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International Foreign Fee Paying Students only


I/We declare that the information supplied on this Application Form is true and correct.

NB: The application form should be 'signed' by both parents, or all designated caregivers or guardians for regular or international students. By entering your names above you are 'signing' the application form online.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $150.00 must be submitted with this Application Form in one of the following ways:

Account Name: Medbury School Trust Board
Bank & Account Number: ASB 12-3148-0026104-00
Swift Code: ASBBNZ2A (International students only)

Please identify your payment in the details that will appear on our statement with your son’s name, his entry level and year. e.g. James Smith Y6 2015

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