2021 Parent feedback in relation to what they valued about the School:

"All-round quality education. Enthusiasm, calibre and dedication of the teachers. Opportunities. Friendships. Sports. Personal development and instilling values. Music. Fun."

"Enjoying his amazing progress and academic /sporting success that far outstripped mine at school! Also seeing the friendships that he is developing that I can see being lifelong. For me personally it is the reconnection with many parents I have known in the past and seeing how much the school has advanced over the years since I was there."

"My son’s academic development, the friends he has made and his growing maturity."

"Our son has been provided with opportunities for development that he would not have otherwise received in public school. He has been a much more engaged and interested student. He has loved both his teachers and has made excellent friendships with many boys. I believe he will look back on his time at Medbury with good memories and we will look back on it as the most excellent educational decision we could have made for him. Congratulations Medbury. You are an awesome school."

"Quality and dedication of teaching staff who are approachable and caring. Access and encouragement of extra curricular activities. Individual tailored approach has helped develop confidence and driven student success. Reliable reporting and progress updates."

"That the very best opportunities are being given to my son to achieve his potential and unlock his talents and forge lifelong friendships."

"The focus on values, respect, achievement and that contributing to life gets great rewards. Thank you very much for giving our son an amazing head start in life and for instilling amazing values in him."

"We have enjoyed the teachers we have got to know and the fact that our son enjoyed it and the academic stretch he has had and the school sport experience etc."

"The values that are instilled in the students and the confidence and self belief it has given our son. He has developed into a quietly confident and caring young man who puts his friends and community at the forefront of what he does. He has developed empathy and kindness and good leadership skills when given the opportunity. It is these reasons that we sent him to Medbury and it has been a pleasure watching him grow and develop in this supportive environment."

"The quality of the teaching and the respect my son has for them has surpassed all our expectations. They all do such a fabulous job with the boys and we are very grateful our son loves learning and relishes being part of such a great school! Thank you."

2019 Parent Testimonials

"My boys have absolutely blossomed since starting at Medbury. I love the organisation, discipline, respect, high standard of dress, academic structure, single-cell learning, professionalism, manners, amazing teachers who are always helpful and friendly. Of the highest standard possible."

"Our son has flourished in his three years at Medbury. He actually sees himself differently - in a much more positive light than he used to. He also has had access to so many more opportunities that he did at his previous school and the teachers at Medbury are outstanding. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing school for their son."

"My son has grown into a young gentleman who is empowered in the Medbury environment, he wants to improve and impress. He is encouraged well above our expectations and he receives amazing learning support. The staff are simply amazing!"

"Amazing school for developing our boys in to well-rounded young men."

"The school has exceeded all our expectations. Teachers and staff seem to know our son very well and motivate him to achieve his best."

"This school has met all our expectations, and more. My son is doing well academically, and encouraged to do so. He is in sporting heaven, and most importantly, the thing he likes most about Medbury is that 'everyone is so nice.' In additional I think his teacher has a high degree of emotional intelligence and therefore brings out the best in all the boys".

"Our son has excelled at Medbury. Medbury is a wonderful school and provides everything my son needs."

"For the education inside the classroom and out. For the preparation for secondary education. For the classroom sizes, for the teachers, and mostly because they are a school that understands boys."

"It's been perfect for our son and the challenge he needed."

"It's true, Medbury unlocks every boy's potential."

"The turn around we have seen in our son since starting in Term 3 has been remarkable. He used to hate Math and he has found a love of it and has won the Mathletics trophy two weeks in a row!"

"Our son is so happy at Medbury, he loves the structure, community and ethos, and is proud of the uniform. The school has its finger on the pulse and we are kept informed as to where he's at. The teachers care. We think the school is amazing."

"The best private school for boys in Christchurch. My son is thriving and involved in every aspect of school life. The opportunities offered are exceptional."

"The experience both boys have had this year at Medbury have more than quelled any concerns we had about shifting schools or the financial investment that we have made in their education. The boys are achieving well but more importantly they are engaged in their school work, proud of their school, and have made good friendships."

"The school is a perfect fit for our son. He is driven and competitive and thrives at Medbury. Sending him there has been the best decision we have made. He loves the school, is proud of it, adores his teacher and gives everything he does his all."

"I think the Headmaster is outstanding and an excellent leader. Perfect for the role. Friendly, approachable and at the same time extremely professional and has a wonderful presence."

"We value the sense of pride that our boys have in the school. That they are proud to be Medbury boys. Makes us think we've spent our money and time wisely."

"Confidence that they have prepared my son well for high school and his future, not only academically but in his mindset, confidence, self-organisation, awareness of others and relationships."

2018 Parent Testimonials

"Our son has had the most amazing year, he has finally learnt how to learn and wants to learn, he's empowered in the Medbury environment. We couldn't be happier with how he has progressed this year."

"Our son is flourishing, and is very well supported in all areas of his learning and development. Not only academic and sporting, but cultural and community as well."

"There is a strong sense of pastoral care. The curriculum is forward thinking and varied, with lots of specialist teachers. Small class sizes and passionate teachers make learning relevant and engaging."

"Great communication from teachers and staff. Speciality teachers, good resources, small classes and a real sense that the school cares about our son's education and wellbeing."

"My son told me he was 'born to be a Medbury boy', sums it up! The school is the whole package - traditions, respect, communication, empathy, support, leadership, teachers, extra-curricular activities..."

"Very well run, efficient school. There is an expectation set high for the boys and they are well mannered, respectful boys. The teachers are friendly and approachable. It has a family kind of feel about it."

"Coming from a school where he was treated badly by other children and the school did nothing about it, we like the fact that there is discipline and consequences to that he feels safe and supported so that he can regain his confidence and start building up his successes in friendship, academics and sport. Because of this we would not hesitate to recommend it."

"We have been really pleased with the academic support our sons have received during their time at Medbury. I also really value to high expectations our boys are required to meet behaviour wise and the fact that there are consequences if they don't. They are taught respect and responsibility which I think is really valuable."

"The teachers are the most impressive asset that Medbury has. I have not yet met a teacher that doesn't know my son's name and many of them have never taught him."

"We most value the association with like-minded people who want a great education for their sons and whom have based their decisions on the tradition and culture Medbury is best known for."

"My son has enjoyed every single day; he's happy and he's challenged both inside the classroom and out of it. He's making the most of every opportunity and he's making life long friends. He's blossomed before our eyes and is growing into a confident, resilient and kind young man."

"The strong values and high standards make me proud to have my son attend Medbury. I walked into work with my son and an employee stood up when he saw my son in his uniform and said 'Oh wow, now there's a good Medbury boy."