The Medbury Boy

In the education of boys, certain facts have been proved. Boys need and like structure and order. They need to ‘belong’ and they like to be directed and guided. Boys flourish when they are confident in their environment and comfortable with their peers.

Appealing to Boys' Learning Styles

Key elements of our programmes include:

* Providing competition
* Allowing to be risk takers
* Utilising technology as an effective teaching tool
* Providing structure and boundaries
* Developing strong relationship between the teacher and the boy
* Embracing an holistic approach to education

Caring for Every Boy

We take the pastoral care of our boys very seriously and have a wide range of strategies to ensure that they feel safe, happy and have a sense of belonging.

Each boy has his own classroom teacher who has overall responsibility of his pastoral care. Each boy is also placed in one of our four houses which is overseen by two school leaders, a House Director and three other staff. At break times we have four peer mediators on duty supervising the playground. These boys have been trained in conflict resolution and provide wonderful support to the teachers on duty. Every boy is assigned to a buddy, usually a younger boy paired with an older boy. The buddies have lunch together once a week as well as frequently visiting each other’s classroom.

Boys in Years 6 through to Year 8 are also involved in a Mentoring programme, where small groups of seven or eight boys are assigned to a specific staff member. This may be a teacher, support staff member or the Headmaster, they meet once a fortnight and provide another opportunity to discuss any frustrations, concerns they may have as well as to celebrate success.

The Medbury Graduate

* Is numerate, literate and articulate
* Challenges himself
* Is confident
* Is a critical and creative thinker
* Displays global awareness and citizenship
* Accepts responsibility for his life and learning
* Understands and values the contribution made by others
* Is an active participant in the community
* Is respectful of all ages and cultures
* Is able to conduct himself appropriately in a range of settings

“Attitude not aptitude determines your altitude in life.”

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