Music Tuition - Years 4 to 8

At Medbury we offer an extensive music tuition programme. Boys who take advantage of this opportunity can become an important part of the Choirs, Orchestra, Jazz Bands, Rock Bands, Kapa Haka Group and other musical opportunities. Boys will have the opportunity to join these groups at the commencement of Term 1 2023. However, auditions will be held at this time for places in Choristers and Rock Bands.

Learning an instrument is not easy…. it requires commitment, self-discipline and determination to become a competent musician.

What music tuition can my son receive?

    At Medbury we are able to offer tuition in the following: Violin, Viola, Cello, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Recorder, Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, French Horn, Drum Kit, Percussion (tuned and un-tuned) Piano (classical, modern and jazz), Guitar (electric, bass, acoustic), Ukulele, Bagpipes and Vocals.

    How old should my son be before he begins learning an instrument?

      Readiness for music tuition should be in consultation with the Director of Music, Teachers and Parents. Boys in Years 2 and 3 are able to have some music tuition and the options that are not suitable are indicated on the online Application Form.
      Please note that lessons for boys in Years 2 and 3, will need to be held during lunchtime, before school or after school. If your son is in a Year 2 class, and you would like him to learn an instrument, please email April Holland the Director of Music.

      What instrument should my son learn?

        The Director of Music is very happy to give advice on, or to suggest an instrument that would be suitable for your son.

        Do I need to buy or hire an instrument for my son?

          Your son does need an instrument to practise on. The Director of Music is happy to answer queries or to give advice on the purchase or hire of instruments.

          Does my son need a music book?

            Your son's tutor will let you know what books are required for their lessons. If this is provided by the tutor, the cost will be added to your invoice for music lessons, or the tutor will inform you where to purchase the relevant books.

            When are the lessons?

              Itinerant teachers are at the school between the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm. Lessons are of a 30-minute duration. The boys are rotated each week on the timetable to ensure, when possible, time out of class changes regularly.

              How will my son know when his lesson is?

                Lesson times will be emailed to you weekly from your son's tutor. Lesson times are also published on the school notice boards and in the Medbury App.
                Parents are asked to assist by ensuring boys bring their instruments and music on their designated day.

                What happens when my son’s lesson clashes with a school or class activity?

                  The tutor is informed of the weekly timetable and may arrange an alternative time to suit. Tutors may also accommodate other ‘outside’ commitments if prior notification is given.

                  What happens if my son does not turn up for his lesson?

                    In the case of an absence, the tutor must be contacted by either text, phone or email prior to 8.00am on the day of the lesson. It may be possible to reschedule the lesson, at the discretion of the tutor. Unnotified absences will be charged for. Tutors may endeavour to track down students that have forgotten their lesson, especially juniors, but the responsibility for attendance ultimately rests with the student.

                    What should I do if my son does not want to continue receiving tuition?

                    It is very easy for the boys to decide that learning the instrument they have chosen is “just too hard”. We believe that they need to give themselves and the instrument time - they may not meet with instant success, but with time and input into their instrument, they will see/hear an improvement.

                    To avoid the boys giving up before ‘giving the lessons a chance’, at Medbury we ask that they learn for at least two terms before lessons are terminated. We look to you for support in this area and ask that should you have any problems regarding your son’s instrumental tuition, in the first instance you contact his tutor. Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact the Director of Music who will be happy to discuss these with you.

                    If my son definitely wants to stop receiving tuition, how much notice must I give his tutor?

                    At Medbury a boy may not stop lessons during the term. He should continue until the end of the term. However, if you do wish your son to stop lessons, you must give a minimum of two weeks notice before the end of the school term.

                    Who do I inform that my son will not be continuing with his tuition?

                    Please inform your son's tutor and the Director of Music if you do not wish your son to continue his lessons.

                    How much is the tuition fee and how is this invoiced?

                      Tuition fees are approximately $35-$40 per half hour lesson; however, this does vary slightly between tutors. Please note that it is standard practice for some tutors to invoice in advance with payment due at the commencement of each term, However, some tutors may choose to invoice at the end of each term. Accounts will be sent to you from your son's tutor and payment is to be made directly to the tutor.

                      Does Medbury have musical groups which my son can join?

                        Medbury has a number of musical groups such as Junior Choir, Medbury Chorus, Choristers, Orchestra, Jazz Band and Rock Bands. There is a charge of $13.50 per term for each of these groups, and this charge will be added to your school account.

                        What is the role of a parent when a boy receives tuition?

                          Learning an instrument is a partnership between the boy, his tutor and you, his parent or guardians, and as such it is important that you have the time and motivation to nurture your son’s musical progress. You don’t need to be able to play yourself but you do need to have the patience and the time to sit with him and encourage him in establishing his home practice routine, which should consist of 15 minutes practice each day.

                          Please ensure that your son is aware of the following information.

                          1. Lesson times will be emailed to you weekly from your son's tutor. Lessons are also published on the school notice boards.
                          2. You are expected to turn up to your lesson on time.
                          3. Tutors must be informed before 8.00am if you are unable to attend your lesson, otherwise you will be charged.
                          4. You are able to place your instrument in the storage room opposite the Music tuition rooms on the day of your lesson. Please ensure that your case is named and you collect it at the end of the day.
                          5. You are fortunate to have the use of these facilities and have excellent tutors – please treat them with respect.
                          6. You may use the studios to practise in from 3.20pm if they are not in use, but you need to check with the Director of Music if any rooms are available.
                          7. You are expected to make the best use of your opportunities, by working hard for your tutor and doing your practice regularly.

                          Music tuition registrations can be made under the 'forms' icon on the Medbury App.