Unique Framework

Whilst Medbury uses the New Zealand curriculum we have developed a unique framework to guide its delivery. A key objective is to ensure the development of the ‘whole boy’, including his social and personal development.

Catering for different interests, abilities, and built on collaboration, Medbury’s curriculum is designed to meet the learning needs and styles of boys. We focus on blended learning programmes integrating different learning areas and on higher order thinking. And we combine technology and traditional teaching methods to ensure our boys are true 21st century learners.

The curriculum is extended with over 25 extra-curricular activities, resulting in busy and successful boys. There is also a Year 8 leadership programme, where the boys are taught and practise the art of leadership in all aspects of their lives; and an extensive pastoral care programme is underpinned by the Medbury Values.

Personalised Learning Programmes

Key to being able to unlock our boys’ potential with the Medbury Curriculum Framework is the use of Personalised Learning Programmes.

Highly Qualified and Motivated Teaching Staff

We recognise that boys need a range of strong role models, both men and women, with a high proportion of male teachers in the Senior School. We seek the best specialist teachers with passion for their subjects and provide extensive resources enabling them to pass on their knowledge to the boys.

Exceptional School Facilities And Resources

Medbury has substantial resources including a science laboratory, personal Apple laptops for all boys in Years 5-8, Apple TVs, pods of iPads, interactive whiteboards and an art studio. There is also a drama and dance studio, a music suite, sound proofed music studios, a library designed to engage boys in reading a wide range of books, a modern gymnasium, a heated swimming pool, astro-turf pitches, tennis courts, a challenge course, climbing wall, cricket nets and sports fields. These resources all support a higher quality of curriculum delivery.

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