Counsellor Newsletters:

2021 Newsletters:

Edition 30: It's the little things
Edition 31: Being the best friend you can be - listening skills
Edition 32: Being the best friend you can be - active kindness
Edition 33: Setting SMART Goals
Edition 34: Anxiety is normal
Edition 35: Anxiety: Challenging unhelpful thoughts
Edition 36: Anxiety: Supporting a child with separation anxiety
Edition 37: Parenting Courses through Mana Ake
Edition 38: Anxiety: practical tools to help your son to cope with anxious feelings

2020 'Aristotle at Home' Newsletters:

Newsletter 1: Aristotle at home - Gratitude, Mindfulness and Soothing Box
Newsletter 2: Aristotle at home - Exploring our emotions and looking after ourselves
Newsletter 3: Aristotle at home - Exploring our feelings and tracking our emotions
Newsletter 4: Aristotle at home - Coping with our feelings as we move into Level One
Newsletter 5: Aristotle at home - Worries are normal and we can manage them effectively
Newsletter 6: Aristotle at home - Belonging
Newsletter 7: Aristotle at home - Emotional Intelligence and Managing Stress

2020 Newsletters:

Edition 14: Creating a positive start to the year
Edition 15: Taking an active role in your son's device use - Part One
Edition 16: Taking an active role in your son's device use - Part Two
Edition 17: Making time to talk
Edition 18: The power of breathing
Edition 19: The power of mindfulness
Edition 20: The power of gratitude
Edition 21: The power of self-reflection
Edition 22: Settling back into school
Edition 23: 'Imagine' - Reflections on the Year 8 Production
Edition 24: Looking after yourselves - Parents, Caregivers and Guardians
Edition 25: Finding the fun in emotions
Edition 26: The power of our words
Edition 27: Thinking about kindness
Edition 28: Reflecting on the year that has been
Edition 29: Support over the holidays

2019 Newsletters:

Edition 1: Sense of Purpose
Edition 2: Start of Term Check In
Edition 3: Goal Setting
Edition 4: Positive Conversations - Part One
Edition 5: Positive Conversations - Part Two: Learning from Experiences
Edition 6: What is right with you?
Edition 7: What is right with you? Part Two: Character Strengths
Edition 8: Positive Accomplishments - Part One: Developing a kind inner voice
Edition 9: Positive Accomplishments - Part Two: Growth Mindset
Edition 10: School Camp: Benefits and Challenges
Edition 11: Examinations: Part of the Learning Journey
Edition 12: Our boys can be leaders everyday - Part One
Edition 13: Our boys can be leaders everyday - Part Two