The key to unlocking every boys potential is a comprehensive personalised learning programme designed to spark his imagination and engagement in learning.

Developing a Personalised Learning Programme

The annual academic assessment is used to develop a Personalised Learning Programme. We focus on the ‘whole boy’ so in addition to academics, over 25 extra-curricular activities are provided to expand the curriculum further and develop wider talents and interests. The integration of technology and traditional teaching methods allows our teachers to better personalise and track his progress. Every boy from Year 5 to 8 has an Apple laptop and also benefits from the use of iPads, interactive whiteboards and Apple TVs in the classrooms

Watching Him Grow and 'Next Steps'

A wide variety of assessment strategies are used to monitor progress and establish the next learning steps for each boy. All boys set goals at the beginning of every term, which are then evaluated at the end of term. A range of standardised tests compares each boy with the national norm. This information is used in our unique Medbury School-Wide Data Programme which checks each boy’s progress against his targets, his Year Group’s progress, his previous year’s progress and against school targets for his Year Group. The assessment information is used for peer, self, parent and teacher assessments to provide feedback and the next steps for each boy.

Making Sure He’s Thriving and Happy

Communicating with parents on academic progress, engagement in learning and social development is the key to ensuring that we are helping your boy be the best he can be and that he is happy. We do this through various means, such as:

  • Combination of parent/teacher and parent/teacher/boy conferences three times a year.
  • Formal written reports twice a year including reporting against National Standards.
  • Use of the Effort Cards to inform parents about each individual’s engagement in learning in all curricular areas. These go home at least six times a year.
  • Informal parent/teacher social events such as class barbecues.

Our School Counsellor writes regular newsletters for our community:

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