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Trust Board Meeting 04 September

The Trust Board Meeting will commence at 6.00pm. read more

Senior Music Competition Finals 04 September

The Senior Music Compeition Finals will take place today. Please contact Mrs Badger or Mrs Satterthwaite for further information.   read more

Exeat Weekend 01 September

Exeat Weekend in the Boarding House. For further details please contact Mr M Hocquard, Director of Boarding. read more

Parent/Boarder/Teacher Conferences 01 September

Parent/Boarder/Teacher Conferences will take place from 3.30pm today. Parents are able to book their Parent/Teacher/Son Conference times 'on line'.  Booking information will be sent to you by the School Office. If you would like to meet with any teacher other than your son's class teacher, please email them directly.    read more

Boarders vs Dayboys Rugby Match 01 September

The annual Boarders vs Dayboys Rugby Match will take place today at 1.30pm.   Parents are invited to come and watch the long-awaited rugby match. For more information please contact Mr G Taylor or Mr M Hocquard.   read more

Middle School House Sports 31 August

The Middle School boys will participate in the House Sports Competition for all winter sports. Please contact Mr G Taylor or your son's class teacher for further details. read more

Extra Current Events Quiz Years 5 & 6 30 August

Selected teams will participate in the Extra Current Events Quiz today. read more

Dynastar/Lange Independent Schools' Ski Race 30 August

The Dynastar/Lange Independent Schools' Ski Race will take place today for the Medbury Ski Team at Porters. Please see Mr G Taylor for further details. read more

Prelims for Senior Music Competition 30 August

Boys from the Senior School will take part in the Music Prelims today, ready for the selection for the Music Extravaganza at the end of term.  For further details please contact Mrs Badger. read more

Tuesdays at 5 - in The Medbury Centre 29 August

'Tuesdays at 5' performance will be held at 5.00pm in The Medbury Centre.  All parents are welcome to attend their son's performance. For further details please contact Mrs Badger or Mrs Satterthwaite. read more

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